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Vertical Development has spent over 30 years helping companies create accurate, easy-to-reference parts catalogs for our clients. Almost a decade ago, we brought that expertise online to computers and mobile devices with our ShowMeTheParts database, the largest public parts database on the market and the basis for online catalogs offered by a wide range of retailers and suppliers. Now, we're offering the same extensive, easy-to-use system to customers looking for brake parts with ShowMeTheBrakes.

ShowMeTheBrakes lists over 7 million applications for parts from over 60 of the industry's leading brake part manufacturers. Our database covers vehicles dating back to 1901, and we have fast application updates, so you know the information you get will always be up-to-date. Like ShowMeTheParts, ShowMeTheBrakes is designed to be easy to use from your desktop, laptop, or mobile device, so you can access information at home or on the go.

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"ShowMeTheParts distills complex data and technology down to a simple, helpful user experience. Our microsites such as ShowMeTheBrakes take this simplification of the complex one step further." - Jay Wright, President -
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our catalog Covers All Commonly Replaced Parts in Automotive Braking Systems:

  • Drums and rotors

  • Pads and shoes

  • Brake hydraulics including master cylinders, wheel cylinders, brake boosters, lines and hoses

  • Hardware including complete kits, springs, adjusters, rubber boots and other small components

  • Parking brake components including cables, electric calipers, and "drum in hat" hardware

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Find the Part You Want with More Ways to Search

ShowMeTheBrakes has several ways to find the parts you need. There are three ways to find a part based on the vehicle:


Standard vehicle information including the model year, manufacturer, model and engine


The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) issued to your vehicle by the manufacturer

License plate

The current state license plate number issued to your vehicle

Once you've found your vehicle, you can search for parts based on categories including brake drums and rotors, brake pads and shoes, brake hydraulics, and brake hardware. Click on the column heading, and you can sort and filter the results. This lets you view only components that fit on the front or rear of the vehicle, see only a specific part type, like rotors or parking brake cables, or limit results based on application information, like the vehicle trim level.

Looking for parts from one or more brands? Click the "Brand" column and you can select the brands you want to look at, or use the "Supplier" option to see all the brands offered by a single manufacturer.

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